Boise Christian Center
9001 W Overland Road  P O Box 44446
Boise, Idaho    83711       208-336-3019

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About Boise Christian Center
We are a full-gospel independent church that believes that the whole Word of God is true and that it is for us today.  The Word of God that is taught in our services is to equip the congregation to do the work of the ministry and to overcome the stress and strains of life.  We are a home base for those who are growing and a place to receive strength and freedom.  We pray for the needs of the believers in every meeting and will believe with you for God's best in your life!  Join us in reaching Boise, Idaho and all the world with the Name of Jesus.

Boise Christian Center is located on the corner of W. Overland Rd. and Maple Grove Rd. in  Boise, Idaho.  Since our beginning in 1991, we've touched the lives of many in this community, and around the world.  We would love to meet you and invite you to attend our services
Rev. Floyd H. Seamans
Rev.  Joyce Seamans
Senior Pastor, Founder of  Boise Christian Center, Pastor Floyd has traveled the world taking the message of God to all he comes in contact with.  The greatest desire of his heart  is to see those who hear the Word of God preached  receive deliverance from all fear and walk in victory as they experience the promises that are written in the Bible.  
Senior Pastor, Founder of Boise Christian Center.  Pastor Joyce is dedicated to hearing the Holy Spirit, moving in the gifts of the Spirit and assisting others to hear clearly and walk in the Spirit in all they do.  She desires to see all Christians walk in the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit as so clearly shown in the Holy Scriptures.  That we may all walk in the unity of the Spirit and the truth of the Word of God.
Committed to touching the world with the Love of Jesus.
"Go ye into all of the world..."